The Hound of Windgate Nick

This is the ‘Hound of Windgate Nick’, high on Addingham moor.

I first came across this fellow a few years ago – it was dusk and a bit foggy as I was making my way alone across the moors. I could just make out the shape in the distance, and at first it startled me – I thought it was a large dog, or maybe a huge wild cat which several people claim to have seen on these moors.

I approached slowly, all the time watching for movement – ready to duck down and hide in the heather if it looked my way. But after a few minutes it didn’t appear to move and I cautiously approached.

As I got nearer, I could see it was made of wicker and branches, skilfully shaped into the image of a wild hound. It was a work of art – and in the near darkness it gave me quite a scare!

It disappeared a couple of weeks later – and no one knows where it came from and where it now resides.

Every time I pass by Windgate Nick on Addingham moor I always look out for the huge hound on the crags baying at the moon, but sadly I think he has gone forever.

14 thoughts on “The Hound of Windgate Nick

    1. He was only up there for about a week – 2 at the most. I know a lot of people in the town, having lived there for many years, and no one knows who made him – or if they did they aren’t saying. It is a shame as it really is a work of art – and it really gave me a fright in the dark and mist!


  1. Wonderful, eerie image, James. Around here of course there is the Hound of the Baskervilles, but I remember reading of the ghost dog Black (or Old) Shuck in East Anglia too. 🙂


    1. There is one around here called a Barghuest – with big saucer eyes. If seen it is thought to forecast the death of the person who sees it. But, like many remote areas, there are legends of big cats on the moors. All part of the mystery 🙂

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