The Tree of Life

The enigmatic and beautiful Tree of Life carving This is the prehistoric 'Tree of Life' carving deep on Snowden moor, a couple of miles from my house. The moors are covered in rock art - so far over 450 discovered on Rombalds moor to the South of us, but there are also many other moors … Continue reading The Tree of Life

Black Beck Tomb – An Update

One of the newly discovered cairns Following on from my previous post A Sodden Day on the Moors when I, along with my good mate Paul Bennett discovered a Bronze Age cemetery on Rombalds moor in a rain storm, we went back with grandson Mackenzie a few weeks later for a better look. We discovered at … Continue reading Black Beck Tomb – An Update

It’s Finleys Turn Now!

Scar House reservoir with Great Whernside I first took grandson Mackenzie out on the moors when he was about 5. He will be 13 in a month and we have walked literally hundreds of miles together on dozens and dozens of walks in England and Scotland. But Mackenzie has 2 younger brothers and a younger … Continue reading It’s Finleys Turn Now!