Sunset at Castle Law

From Dunblane, head up the Glen Road for nearly a mile, turning left up the Sheriffmuir Road and all the way until you see a large layby on the right. Cross the stile and walk uphill for a mile or so – following the sighs to Dumyat.

Following the visit to the Wallace Stone in the last post, we returned along the road back towards civilisation and decided to stop at the little known Iron Age hillfort of Castle Law.

After a fairly steepish climb, we (well I) noticed a standing stone a hundred feet or so above the path. A quick detour discovered that it appeared to be part of an Iron Age enclosure – it was huge!

I had one eye on the sun and wanted to get to the hillfort to watch the sunset, I thought it would be a good place to see it. Leaving the others, I hurried on through a bog and up the hill just as the sun was setting – the views were amazing!

How many people have actually watched a golden sunset over the Scottish Highlands from an iron Age hillfort. Just totally memorable.