Looking for Crow Well

Gawk Hill Gate I first read about the Bronze Age Crow Well Settlement on Blubberhouses moor in an old book. There was very little written about it, other than it was really big and not much was showing as most if it was under deep heather. I decided to have a look for it with … Continue reading Looking for Crow Well

The Wild Geese

I was sat at the side of the reservoir recently. It was Autumn and it was starting to get dark. I was photographing the wild geese, which were making a racket and flying around. The whole scene reminded me, for some reason, of The Wild Hunt. For those that aren't in the know, The Wild … Continue reading The Wild Geese

Jenny Twigg and her Daughter Tibb

Dead Mans Hill I already knew the story of Dead Mans Hill in Nidderdale. Three Irish tinkers were supposedly murdered by the landlady of a drovers inn a couple of hundred years ago, and along with her daughter decapitated and buried the men near the top of the hill. The couple were reputedly hanged at … Continue reading Jenny Twigg and her Daughter Tibb

It’s Finleys Turn Now!

Scar House reservoir with Great Whernside I first took grandson Mackenzie out on the moors when he was about 5. He will be 13 in a month and we have walked literally hundreds of miles together on dozens and dozens of walks in England and Scotland. But Mackenzie has 2 younger brothers and a younger … Continue reading It’s Finleys Turn Now!